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15th of July, 2023

Toronto Harbour (259 Queens Quay West)

Come to our Wedding!

Updates below

What's the plan?


Plans may change, so please confirm with Katy & Dane if you’d like to join for any of the following

Katy will be in Canada from the 5th-25th, Dane will be there from around the 12th-23rd , with a home base in downtown Toronto. The “core” days are Friday 14th July to Wednesday 19th July, after this winging it.. 


  • July 14th

    Night before the Wedding Group Dinner 

    If you’re in Toronto and want to join us, you’re invited. Just let me know so I can add you to the reservation.

    • 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower is a rotating Steakhouse/Seafood restaurant, with amazing views of the City and Island.
  • July 15th

    Day of Wedding (details subject to change)

    Ship leaves the dock around 3 pm (exact time will be on your invitation), and returns at midnight, water taxis will be called at regular intervals
    You’ll get fed and watered
    Children welcome

    Dress Code: Wedding guest on a boat. We’re happy for everyone to dress however you’re comfortable, keeping in mind that it’ll be windy and warm/hot, there will be dancing and narrow stairs, and the boat will be in motion most of the time. 

    More specifics coming later!

  • July 16th

    Relax at the Ball Game / or maybe the island

    TBC, potentially the Island or a ball game…

    If you’re too tired to do anything today, come see the Toronto Blues vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks at 1:30 pm. The ceiling opens, and you don’t need to pay attention. 

  • July 17th-18th

    Party Time in Niagara Falls

    Joint Bachlor/ette party, let us know if you’d like to come, everyone is welcome.

    We’ll be getting a bus from Toronto to Niagara Falls and back. On the way down we’ll pop into a couple of wineries. The Bus will leave from 80 Cooperage Street – George Brown College M5A 0J3 Toronto at 10AM.

Brits Canadian Tour Guide

Booking your trip:

If you’d like help from a travel agent, feel free to get in contact with Dane’s cousin Lisa at Endless Escapes for flights, hotels, etc.

Where to Stay:

Dane and I are staying at the Residence & Conference Centre – Toronto Downtown. Each air-conditioned suite consists of two private bedrooms with one (double) bed in each room, a kitchenette and a private 3-piece bath. Book here

Get in contact with Katy/Dane if you’d like to find another person/couple to share with or to put your name down for potential group rates ($170+tax per night, need 10 rooms booked together)

Hotels in Canada vary a lot in quality, but in Toronto most places are reasonably comfortable, and most hotels have 2 Queen beds as standard

Airbnbs and Guesthouses have a huge range of quality and location, so be sure to check the booking thoroughly.

Getting around

Toronto is a city that was planned by rational people so almost all the roads go straight, and run East-West or North-South.

Toronto’s Southern edge is on the shore of Lake Ontario, if you know where the Lake is, you can figure out the rest of your directions. The CN tower is also a good landmark for directions

The TTC If planning on using the TTC information here. We’d recommend it, as it’s a really inexpensive way to get around the city. It’s about 2 GBP ($3.25 CAD) per trip. Unfortunately, you still need to use tokens, tickets, or buy a Presto card (which you can do at any subway station from the vending machines)

Uber is common, but isn’t regulated the same way it is in Europe, so there will be different rates between Uber, taxis, and other ridesharing apps. 

The Path is a series of underground interconnected buildings in downtown Toronto, and is the largest underground shopping mall in the world. 

Renting a car is relatively easy, and usually cheapest directly from the Airport, though there are options downtown as well. Speed limits and distances are in Kilometers (1 Mile = 1.6 km). We drive on the Right side of the road, and most of the roads go straight, so it’s generally easy to navigate.


The UP Express is a train that runs directly from the airport to Union Station in Downtown Toronto, and costs $13 per person or $26 for a family of up to 5. It runs every 20-30 minutes, gets you directly downtown, and is generally a lot cheaper than a cab!

If extending your trip to the US or elsewhere in Canada, you’ll probably still go to Pearson, but there is an airport on Toronto Island (Billy Bishop Toronto City), which runs shorter haul flights.

You’ll likely be flying into Toronto Pearson, YYZ. 

How to keep yourself busy in Toronto:

I’d normally recommend going on a boat tour, but you won’t need to. There’s millions of things to do in Toronto/Ontario, we’d recommend any or all of the following:

Food Tours/Drink Tours

There are so many of these: Food tour in Kenzington Market 1 and 2, Food Tour in the Junction, Food tour at St. Lawrence Market, Beer Tour 1, Historical Beer Tour (the Junction), The Distillery Food and Drink Tour. (Not an extensive list!)

See a show

Toronto has tons of theatres, big and small


See a show

See a gig

The Horseshoe in Toronto is always a great option, but it’s not too hard to find live music at all price ranges/venue sizes- Scotiabank Arena, Danforth Music HallThe Opera House, and so many more

Casa Loma

Casa Loma– one of North America’s only castles, built in 1914

Casa Loma

Eat some nachos and chicken wings

I know they’re gross in the UK, but they are delicious in North America.


Medieval Times

Dinner and Jousting tournament- you get to watch jousting and eat a Turkey Leg with your hands

Toronto Island

An entire Island park accessible by ferry, we’ll probably have a picnic/beach trip at some point in the week

Riverdale Park

big park in a ravine with a working farm in the middle

The Distillery District

A neighbourhood with cute shopping, restaurants, a brewery, a theatre, and a place to put your love locks.


  • The Eaton Center – Massive shopping mall built into the path, it has all the things you would need/want
  • Kensington Market – a Neighbourhood of only independent shops, next to Chinatown
  • Queen West- Has a lot of chains, but also a lot of smaller places and thrift/vintage shops, along with a ton of bars/pubs

CN Tower

It used to be the Tallest freestanding tower in the world and has a rotating restaurant on the top of it. Join us Friday for dinner!

Things to do outside Toronto:

Algonquin Park

Trip to Algonquin Park– you probably won’t see any animals, but it’s beautiful anyways, lots of hiking


Rent a cottage in Muskoka, there will be lots of these on the usual Booking sites, or a general Google

Wasaga Beach

The longest freshwater beach in the world, a few hours’ drive north of Toronto, also close to Blue Mountain and Collingwood (still fun to go to in Summer)


Niagara Falls

You have to go. You’ll love it. Top honeymoon destination in the world and one of the Wonders of the World, the world’s widest waterfall. We’ll have Hen/Stag nights here on the 17-18th, but there are a huge amount of activities- Casinos, luxury shopping, wine tours at Niagara on the Lake, and too many haunted houses if you ask me!

General things for travellers to know:

Canada is big, if you’re thinking of popping over to Vancouver or Vegas, do yourself a favour and check the flights/driving time well in advance.

Everywhere is table service, you don’t need to go to the bar to order food

Tipping is generally part of common courtesy, the card machines will always be adjustable, if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to go with a pre-set. 

Prices on tags don’t include sales tax, so the exact price of what you’re buying will be a bit higher than what the signage says

Sales Tax is only 13%, so if you want something luxury/designer, it’s usually cheaper in Canada than the UK

Some places only accept Credit cards

$100 bills are Maple Syrup-scented

Toronto is the set of every movie or show you’ve ever seen

Lemonade is different. It’s non-carbonated, and made of lemon juice with sugar and water, like any other fruit juice. If you want lemonade (fizzy), ask for it by the brand name as in Sprite or 7up

Roaming on your current phone plan is probably very expensive! You can get Pay as you Go Sim Cards from anywhere, like 7/11 or any cell kiosk (Mobile Companies: Wind, Koodo, Public Mobile, Speak out, Fido, etc), but data is a lot more expensive than it is in the UK. It’s relatively easy while in Toronto to use Public Wifi if you’re spending time in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, The Path, etc. 


Toronto is HOT in July. The average temperature is 27℃, and it’s sunny- you should wear sunscreen.


Enjoy the beer. The cider is gross, though. Your “pint” may range from 12-20 oz, but it’s not usually less than 5%.


You won’t see a bear, but you will see raccoons.

Scan the aboe QR code to join the WhatsApp group for updates.

Scan the aboe QR code to join the WhatsApp group for updates.